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  Hersteller und Exporteur

Email: info@hebrothers.com  
Call: +92 315 1231015 (Direct)

     Corporate Uniform, Trikot, Warnkleidung und Industrial Clothing
New Products Added (2011-05-22)
We Just Added New Products to All Categories | Enjoy Surfing!.......
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European Conformity Marking (2011-06-12)
Manufacturing garments according to European Standards and providing CE marking i.e. (European Direc.......
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Multi Languages (2011-07-05)
We have added Spanish, German, Portuguese, French and Russian Language to our Website for our Valuab.......
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Our Newest Product Additions (2011-11-25)
Products of Hospital Clothing has been added. Now you can order Medical Scrubs/ Tops/ Pants & Lab C.......
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H.E Brothers
H.E BROTHERS the apparel manufacturing company leads the market in the supply of comfortable and reliable Workwear, Safety Wear, Corporate Wear, Casual & Sports Wear for All. That is, men and women, from all industries and job functions.
H.E BROTHERS has been Pakistans Uniform expert so you can be assured that garments are made to the highest quality and design standards.
Our product ranges are;
~ Industrial Work Wear and Uniforms
~ Protective and Work Clothing
~ Police and Military Uniforms
~ Sports Wears, Promotional Garments
~ Working Coverall
~ Bib Trouser
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Unsere Erfahrung

We are second generation family business over years to years. We take special pride in the variety of Products we manufacture. Our craftsmen rely on the inherited skill along with innovation to satisfy different requirements of our esteemed customer.

Our attitude of genuine concern and courtesy to our customers reflects this great pride. Our experienced well trained staff has developed a wide line of excellent quality workwear, corporate uniform, sports uniform, hospital uniform & casual wears products and produce close contact with the tip importers, buyers in the world.

We offer products certainly capable to meet Professionals as well as individual needs. Choose from our wide selection of styles, designs and colors, we can customize any style as per you [...]

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Workwear Uniform   Safety Uniform & Accessories   Sports Uniform   Uniform Accessories   Corporate Clothing  
Spliced Steel Shirt (Short-sleeve)
 ART # hE IC-SH-49 Find More Spliced Steel Shirt (Short-sleeve)
Working Glove
 ART # hE G-WG-02 Find More Working Glove
Cotton Spliced ​​Polo Shirt (Kurzarm)
 ART # hE HV-SH-22 Find More Cotton Spliced ​​Polo Shirt (Kurzarm)
Manner Doppel Pocket-Cotton-reichen Oxford Weave Shirt (Long-Sleeve)
 ART # hE CC-SH-02 Find More Manner Doppel Pocket-Cotton-reichen Oxford Weave Shirt (Long-Sleeve)
Hallo Vis Spliced ​​V-Ausschnitt Fleece Jumper
 ART # hE HV-PO-01 Find More Hallo Vis Spliced ​​V-Ausschnitt Fleece Jumper
Worn Gs Shirt (Short-sleeve)
 ART # hE IC-SH-31 Find More Worn Gs Shirt (Short-sleeve)
Summerweight Drill Combination Overall
 ART # hE IC-OV-05 Find More Summerweight Drill Combination Overall
Kart Racing Insgesamt
 ART # hE KW-KS-06 Find More Kart Racing Insgesamt
Men Cotton-rich Polo
 ART # hE CC-SH-08 Find More Men Cotton-rich Polo
Hallo Vis Jacke
 ART # hE HV-J-05 Find More Hallo Vis Jacke
Reflektierende Nano-Tex Jacket Drill
 ART # hE HV-J-04 Find More Reflektierende Nano-Tex Jacket Drill
Reflective Steel Shirt (Long-sleeve Hoop Pattern)
 ART # hE IC-SH-52 Find More Reflective Steel Shirt (Long-sleeve Hoop Pattern)
Men Cotton-reiche Falten-freien End-on-End-Shirt (Long-Sleeve)
 ART # hE CC-SH-12 Find More Men Cotton-reiche Falten-freien End-on-End-Shirt (Long-Sleeve)
Kart Racing Insgesamt
 ART # hE KW-KS-02 Find More Kart Racing Insgesamt
Bib and Brace Drill Overall
 ART # hE IC-OV-07 Find More Bib and Brace Drill Overall
Essential Polo
 ART # hE IC-SH-21 Find More Essential Polo
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Call: +92 300 871 4744
Email: info@hebrothers.com
Web: www.hebrothers.com
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